Tips For Effective SEO Article Writing

article writingWhen you write an article, you want as many people as possible to read it. Understanding the basic principles of SEO article writing will help you to create interesting content which will be enjoyed by your readers, and which will rank well within the search engines.

The Importance Of Keywords In Good SEO

The way in which search engines evaluate the keyword content of articles has changed in recent years. Stuffing a webpage with keywords will no longer ensure you a first page ranking – in fact, it is more likely that overstuffing will consign you to the bottom of the listings. However, that is not to say that keywords are not still one of the key components of effective SEO.

For a webpage to rank, the search engine must first know what the article is about, and then whether the page is more relevant and interesting to the searcher than any other available article. Therefore, using relevant keywords will help with your article being designated as relevant. There are plenty of tools available which can help you to research what terms are being searched for, and it is good to include several key terms rather than repeating just one keyword throughout your article. This is because modern search algorithms rely on latent semantic indexing, which identifies whether commonly associated phrases are being used together in an article.

Why Good SEO Means Writing For Your Audience

Although you need to be mindful of what keywords and phrases you are including in an article, you also need to remember that your readers’ experience is important too. Search engine algorithms are improving all the time, and the focus is on delivering results which benefit the reader. In the long term, you want to ensure that you are ahead of the game by offering the highest quality articles.

There are off-page factors to consider in SEO too, such as how many people are talking about or sharing your web content. If your articles are purely written to appeal to search engine robots then the chances of your visitors linking to your articles from their own websites or social media is very low. Good content will also raise the page rank of your website over time, which will have some bearing on where your articles rank.

How Having A Niche Improves SEO

If you are publishing articles on a website or blog, it can be very helpful if the majority of your writing is on a common theme. A good article will be given even more credibility by the search engines if it is published on a website which is considered an authority in the niche. Focusing your articles on a broad subject is a simple way to establish yourself as an expert. If you have varied interests, split your articles over several websites.

Unique Content Boosts Search Engine Rankings

Search engines can identify duplicate content very easily. That is not to say that is impossible to rank a non-unique article, but it is significantly more difficult. To boost your search engine rankings, prioritize original content on your websites.

When it comes to effective SEO article writing, interesting and relevant content will yield the best results.