Retargeting Ads

Drive Targeted Traffic

To Your Website

Have you ever noticed those ads on websites that are advertising the websites that you’ve recently visited?  Those ads are no coincidence and are targeting you because they know you were interested in their product or service to some degree.  These paid ads are referred to as retargeting the end user.  They are extremely effective in bringing back your customer to your website.  Depending on what they viewed on your site, you can display the type of ad specifically for the potential customer.  These ads, coupled with our conversion tracking, is an optimal strategy to achieve a high return on investment.

How does Retargeting work?

Google has a “pixel” which is placed on a visitor’s computer in order to track that they have been to certain pages on your website.  Google then has a display network which your ad can then appear on these sites.  These sites would include news sites, blogs, video sites, etc.

Facebook works in a similar fashion.  The ads, however, would appear on the Facebook timeline when a previous visitor to your site logs on to Facebook.  With millions of active users on Facebook, it is guaranteed you would get back in front of your potential customers with your targeted message.

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