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MG Web Com can instantly drive traffic to your existing or brand new website. Your website listing will appear in the sponsored listings of Google and every time someone clicks on your listing, you will pay per click. As your campaign manager, we will recommend targeted keywords for your business as well as a daily budget. With our implementation of conversion tracking, we are able to identify how effective your campaign is and what changes may need to be made.

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Drive Traffic Instantly & Increase ROI

MG Web Com has successfully launched PPC campaigns in multiple industries.  Our clients have gained a 100-600% ROI with the campaigns we have run for them.  We work hard to get your campaign up and running to drive traffic instantly to your website or landing page.  Furthermore, we do all the testing to ensure you are getting the optimal conversion rate once the traffic is driven to your site.

How does PPC work?

Using Google ads we are able to target anyone in your demographic that is searching for your services (personal training, fitness club, bootcamp, etc).  When they search for your service, your ad will appear as a sponsored ad at the top of the search results.   Every time a visitor clicks on your ad, you will incur a small fee.  Using extensive research, MG Web Com creates the ads, implements the keywords and refines the landing page to ensure the optimal return on investment (ROI).  MG Web Com will continually manage the ads optimize the cost per click (CPC) and conversion rate on your site.

Our PPC Services include

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad groups creation
  • Ad-copy creation
  • A/B Ad copy split-testing
  • A/B Ad copy split-testing
  • Geo-targeting
  • Ad scheduling
  • Adwords Campaign Experiments (ACE Test)
  • Keyword Matching Options
  • Budget Management
  • Keyword Bid Management
  • Negative Keyword Research

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