4 Reasons Why Your Own Website is More Important than Social Media

Some business owners are neglecting their own website design because they think they can get a lot more done with social media marketing. This post looks at some important points of why your website is still so important.

While social media marketing is getting the majority of attention when we think about online communications these days, your website design is still your most important footprint on the Internet.

Facebook and other social tools should not be given more importance than your own real estate on the web. There are a number of reasons why your own site is more important than social media. Social activities should be used to support your activities, and not make up the majority of your communications.


Here are few strong point to let you know why you need to have your own point of communication and interaction with your clients, and why there is a lot more to it?

  • Your site needs to be more than a place that tells people about you and your business, it can get work done for you. With payment systems, such as Paypal we can incorporate very cost-effective payment systems for our business. You don’t need to have an e-commerce site to take advantage of payment systems. A real estate and rental agency can use them to collect payments from clients, for example.
  • Database access and more. Client/server systems are extremely popular in business. Client/server systems are where you have a single database on a server, and your people can access that through an online application. All their work may be done through that application all day. Even older institutions running older mainframes use Windows terminal emulator software to allow modern personal computers to interact with those old applications (terminal emulation is where the software replicates an old terminal to access the old mainframe computer). Your site can easily be used for much more than just working with your clients, it can be a platform for doing that work.
  • Data collection. Data collection on who is potentially interested, or who was interested in your business is extremely important. You may have a lot of potential customers viewing your website from another country or region, for example. If you know this information because you have incorporated tracking elements into your design, you will have the information to consider. Perhaps it is time to set up a call center in that region?
  • Client screening. Many people forget their site can be used to reduce the number of people they start to deal with. While we market to get leads, we may also want to reduce the people we deal with because they are not appropriate customers. We want to save money by not wasting time with them.

You would have noticed that the above points are all about getting work done. Use other social interaction to draw in clients for the next phase of your business process. The more you have them coming to your own location, will mean you can do a lot more, and get a lot more information.