How to Choose the Best Local SEO Company


One of the key factors for the success of any organization depends on the professional marketing company that works for it. Such a marketing company is generally responsible for presenting the organization and its trademarks on their website in the most effective way on the internet. The ‘to-do’ list of a reputable online marketing company is quite long ranging from SEO Copywriting, web designing, marketing on the internet, e-commerce, optimization of social media, search engine marketing and press release to much more. Business owners should select an online marketing company with careful consideration as it should ensure comprehensive services that are cost-effective and flexible in nature. Below are few dos and don’ts while you are selecting a local online marketing company, especially for SEO.

Fake Promises: Do not get lured away with false promises

Nowadays there are a large number of online marketing companies that promise high quality work accompanied with several other advantages. However, hardly a few turn true in nature. You should be aware of such false promises and be very careful in choosing the most ideal SEO Company for your organization. No marketing company can guarantee to be ranked#1 and a good reliable company will never do its own bidding that way.


It has been observed that SEO is an evolving field which is gettingharder day by day due to new innovations in algorithm by the crucial search engines. Experience is all that matters and not ranking. The most experienced SEO consultants can prepare the most ideal website for you.

Whether I am outsourcing some work to an agency or I have a new SEO inquiry, I always prefer checking the online reputation first. There are multiple review websites on the internet that provide non-biased reviews of websites.

Simply go through it once by yourself.

Knowledge: Knowledge of the SEO Consultant / Specialist should be robust

It is obvious that the most professional SEO Consultant will be constantly cautious of the new evolutions taking place in the industry. The overall services provided by an SEOagency should enable your organization to pay more attention on internet marketing campaigns. This is what takes your business to new heights as you are able to concentrate on their core jobs.

The SEO agencies follow certain best practice as indicated by the search engines like Google while working on the SEO techniques. Every year, there are number of changes in the algorithm of the search engine owing to which the seo companies adapt several new strategies for higher rankings.

It is apparent that you should also have some basic knowledge about SEO. Simply go through some major terms, understand their meaning as well as importance. To test other’s knowledge, you need to know what to ask.

Knowledge can be classified in two categories. Firstly, the one over internet, that anyone can read, interpret, recycle and tell you. The second, being the thorough understanding that gets developed over the time period of working for a variety of clients having different websites and niche.

You better know which one to choose J

ROI: A professional SEO agency who thinks of ROI

Why you would hire an SEO company? You are looking for marketing agency and interested in knowing the profits and return on investment.


SEO is one of the most important aspects of online marketing. SEO is primarily done with an eye to improve the return of investments of the business.More than 80 percent of the internet businessesare being administered by the SEO agencies all over the world. It is a must that the website should generate qualified leads which is considered to be one of the most important aspects return on investment.

Most of the (not all) SEO agencies try to help your business to generate a substantial amount of revenue through marketing qualified leads. This has raised the demand for search engine optimizers all around the around and every business owner hires SEO company for the digital growth of the business.

Before you hire a professional SEO company, ask them about ROI (return on investment). Just make sure that the company has a high experience in the digital field. You can have a look at their case studies. The portfolio helps one to understand how effectively and efficiently the company can deliver the best of its services within the given timeline.

If the company doesn’t talk about ROI, you know better what to do next J

Sales: Beyond Ranking and Qualified Leads

Almost all the companies prefer to go and sell their products and services online. SEO is considered as a wonderful tool to grow a website’s traffic, to promote the brand, generate leads and most importantly help you to reach your potential customers.


An SEO specialist helps you to come up with the best results in terms of search engine rankings and increase targeted trafficand in turn increase sales.

To come up with an effective and efficient marketing plan, one needs to know the business model which includes the sales funnel. If I don’t know what you are going to do with a lead (how you are converting a lead), I might not be able to design a marketing campaign for you.

It is really important to choose the right SEO consultant for your company who makes sure that he has understood your sales funnel, your business objective and your profit.

If your SEO Company doesn’t asks you about your sales funnel, you know the next steps J

SEO Company or a Freelancer?

People generally ask me whether they should go for an SEO consulting company or just an SEO freelancer.

Well there is no definite answer as it depends upon your business type, your marketing objectives, your expectations, and of course your affordability.

A specialized SEO consulting company holds masters in helping businesses to come up with the best results in terms of ranking. They have got the tools and innovative techniques to ensure that your website stands up on the first bench.


For providing the best SEO services, there must be a good staff. A team of qualified SEO experts, content writers, and web designers should be there to offer the best. The talented SEO professionals give their best shot by matching your demand. Qualified employees always make a better performance and provide better services.

On the other hand, an SEO freelancer (might be cheaper than an SEO company)might not be the most professional and scalable. If you have got a small business with limited service offerings, you can choose an SEO freelancer, however reliability may not ensured. An SEO freelancer works based on his availability of time, tries his / her best to deliver results however can’t be trusted for knowledge growth, current industry trends and your profits.

Internet online marketing always increases the sales and the profitability of the business. While selecting the best SEO consulting company, you must ensure that whether they are charging reasonably fair rates or not. You must try a few affordable SEO agencies before finalizing one (though freelancers will always be cheaper)

So, whom are you going to choose, SEO Company or an SEO Freelancer?

Website Design: Top Ranking Position with SEO Website Design

Have you read it right.. Website Design? Yes, it is.

Search engines give your website preference if your website is SEO and user friendly. A SEO-friendly website is deemed to get high rankings. The higher are the search engine rankings, the more likely the site will receive qualified leads.


Just think, why would you be interested in buying the products / services from a specific website only,for example Amazon? If you say wide range of products and you get good deal, I don’t agree with you. It is, also, the trust factor with the website and its friendly user interface.

You like to surf Amazon to meet your needs! You will not go through another website say even if it is offering you 90% discount but do not have a friendly interface.

In a same way, from search engine’s perspective, it will rank a website which is firstly, SEO friendly and secondly user friendly. An SEO friendly website can be built by any company however user friendliness evolves from the design.

Hiring an SEO Company should include your assessment of how friendly their website is. Again, I would suggest going through their website design and development portfolio to understand their taste of websites design, their creativity and what is the importance of user friendliness for them.

If possible, ask them to create a sample landing page for your website. It should not be a free service and you should be paying for it. It is simply to test their design creativity, important of user friendliness and understanding of business.

Here are some quick tips on creating an SEO friendly website:

Technical Aspect:

The website should be built on a robust platform / framework which are prevalent in the market. You should not be searching for a technical team if you have to make certain minor changes on the website. For small and medium scale businesses, I prefer building a website in a CMS like WordPress.

Technology Aspect:

Choose a programming language for which there are enough resources in the market at low cost like PHP (WordPress is based on PHP). Again, your website SEO Company must know about best practices of SEO friendly website like splash pages. They make best user experience however the content on splash pages can’t be read by search engines.

Website Appearance

A website is defined by its imagery. Surfers prefer talking images rather than reading content (I am not talking about you J ). The creativity and thought process of the agency makes the imagery of your website. Just make sure that it delivers value to the client in the form of information and at the same time, search engines understand them well.


User friendliness of a website is decided based on its ease of use to visitors. Using the website refer to the navigation of the website. It is how you are asking the visitor of your website to find more information on your website.


The best example of user navigation is Google, It just have a textbox where you type in your query and hit search button.


The last but not least, the content! This is what makes a website SEO friendly (yes my website is SEO friendly) and user friendly. The content should be professionally written with apt imagery so that the audience understands it better.

I always prefer my clients to write the content of the pages of the website as they are the subject matter experts of their own business. Once they do so, I only massage the content so that it looks good.

SEO Outsourcing or in-house?

Well, by now you would have understood that outsourcing of SEO services is a great means to cut down expenses as you can afford such huge team in-house who have got all the talent you require to make profits out of your business.


I don’t think I need to write more about outsourcing v/s in-house teams as you know my answer J

Search online, ask around

If you need to hire an SEO Company you can browse the internet and collect the details, but you can also meet with them in person. You should have the clear idea about the features of what you like to include on your site, as the reputable SEO companies are always ready to cater all your needs in supreme manner. You should go through the previous clients’ feedback as well to know more about the company you have chosen.

Well, now you can get to know the available SEO providers over the internet. Make sure that the facilities mentioned on the website are effectively rendered by them as well. A professional SEO company likewisewill have business clients from different niches. You can even go through some of the testimonials of these clients posted on their wall. You can even directly find out how well these companies are doing in search engine results. A good SEO company will be able to help small and big organizations equally and in the most cost-effective manner. The best way to know whether the company you have opted for fulfils all its promises or not, is to meet the company’s team. Often having a direct talk enables you to know how much can be really obtained.

Always keep in mind selecting a professional SEO company is vital for making profits out of your business. A professional SEO company will assure you vast services which are cost-effective and suitable to your needs.

All the best! Happy reading.

SEO Basics – Discover the Hidden World of SEO Services

If you’re looking for ways to spread the word about your website or you’re trying to make money online as an Internet marketer, you may benefit greatly from SEO (or, search engine optimization) techniques.

What is SEO?

Before I started writing, I thought to myself, do I really need to explain it? For starters, where does everyone find local services and products these days?  As far as I know, we Google it.  Well, for the sake of writing this, SEO refers to a series of strategies that can lead to a high ranking for your website in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.


Important SEO Terms You Should Know

If you want to embark on the journey of improving your web presence, here are some of the SEO-related terms and concepts you should understand:

Backlinks – URL links that website owners try to build online in order to point “back” to their websites.  You can get backlinks, for example, by writing high-quality articles with a link to your site at the end, or by posting links to your site on popular social bookmarking services like Digg or Delicious.

Backlinks are used to serve one or both of the following purposes:

1) to increase the visibility of a website online and attract human “traffic” to the site, and

2) to increase a website’s clout within search engines and help improve site rankings.

The highest-quality backlinks–that is, the ones that are most likely to ensure your site ranks highly in search results–are those that appear on popular sites and blogs that are related in subject matter to your site.

Blog – Short for “weblog,” a running journal that you can use to add fresh content to your site.  The most successful bloggers write informative posts on a regular basis and build loyal readerships.  Blogging is a great way to add a constant stream of fresh information to your site (which helps search rankings) and engage your visitors.

Keywords – The words or phrases a person uses in a search engine to find the information he or she is interested in on the web.  SEO entails “optimizing” a website for the keywords that are relevant to the site.  You can achieve this by using a keyword a few times within the text of a webpage in a way that makes sense.  This helps the search engines “see” a website as being relevant to that keyword.  As a result, when someone uses the keyword in a search engine, he or she will ideally find your site among the top results.

Keyword Density – The percentage of keywords appearing within a piece of text.  Many SEO experts advise a keyword density between 3-4% for articles and blog posts, whereas others suggest that keywords should be used sparsely and only when they can be naturally “hidden” in context.

Keyword Research – The process of finding popularly-used keywords to optimize webpages, articles, and blog posts for.  Keyword research is often done by using online software applications such as the Google External Keyword Tool.

Off-Site Optimization – SEO methods used “outside” of a website.  Off-site optimization primarily involves building backlinks (for example, by writing guest posts on popular blogs or using social bookmarking services to promote your site) and exposing a site to as many people as possible.

On-Site (or On-Page) Optimization – SEO methods used “within” a website.  This includes optimizing a certain webpage for specific keywords and keeping your site design aesthetically pleasing and error-free.

Organic Search Results – A listing of websites that is returned due to the specific keywords that the searcher types into a given search engine.  Organic search results do not include websites which appear in paid advertisements.

Pay-Per-Click – A method that some website owners use to advertise their websites in search engines and other relevant sites.  Using pay-per-click ads (generally known as Search Engine Marketing) entails that the site owner pays a small amount each time someone clicks on the ad.

ROI – Short for “return on investment.”  The term refers to the amount of money gained as a result of an investment, and can be calculated by
1) subtracting the cost of an investment from the gain and
2) dividing the result by the cost of the investment.

Website owners who pay for various SEO services can use the ROI calculation to determine where their money is best spent.

Search Algorithm – The “secret formula” a search engine uses to determine which websites should be returned, and in what order, for a given search term.  Algorithms take a number of factors into account for site rankings, such as keyword optimization (which signals the relevance of a site to certain search terms), whether or not the site is regularly updated, the number and quality of backlinks a site has, the length of time visitors spend on a site, how quickly the site loads in a web browser, and whether or not a site is actively being shared in popular social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

SERPs – An acronym standing for “search engine result pages.”  The goal of SEO techniques is for a website to be listed as high in the SERPs as possible for given keyword search terms, preferably on the first page and in the first position.

Traffic – The human beings who visit your website.  The most responsive traffic is “targeted” traffic, meaning that the people most likely to enjoy, return to, and recommend your site (and make you money, if you’re selling products or displaying advertisements) are those who are particularly interested in the site’s subject matter.  Effective SEO strategies will help drive as much organic, targeted traffic to a website as possible.

White-hat SEO – SEO methods that are thought of as conscientious, ethical, and reliable Internet marketing practices.  These include article syndication, guest blogging, and social media marketing.  White-hat SEO is often distinguished from black-hat SEO, which involves frowned-upon practices that attempt to “trick” search engines into ranking sites highly (such as “stuffing” webpages with popular keywords or using special software to distribute “spammy” blog comments all over the web solely for the purpose of backlinks).

All in all, search engine optimization comprises a number of strategies that, if smartly used without sacrificing content quality, can increase a website’s prominence and popularity.  Whether you pay for SEO services or you learn to implement the techniques yourself, solid SEO practices will gain you more traffic, make you more money, and breathe new life into your web presence.

Post contributed by Kumar, on behalf of MgWebCom, a marketing and technology solutions provider company.